FoVC Equipment Summer Use Policy

To establish a framework for providing CSU rowing club members with access to FoVC owned boats during the summer break within a framework of clearly defined authorized users and priority of use. Providing access to FoVC shells is intended to facilitate reaching the maximum competitive potential of CSU Rowing.

  1. Authorized Users
    1. Crews using FoVC owned boats must consist primarily of CSU rowing club members.
    2. The following are the minimum crew members (including coxswain) that must be current members of CSU rowing:
      1. 1x – 1 crew member
      2. 2x/2 – 2 crew members
      3. 4x/4+ – 3 crew members
      4. 8+ – 6crew members
    3. Crews using FoVC-owned boats must be in compliance with the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Safety Manual.The crew rowing the shell must be in compliance with all other CRF policies.
  2. Priority
    1. Crews under the immediate supervision (accompanied by a coach in a launch) of CSU rowing club coaches will have the highest priority for use of FoVC-owned shells.
    2. Crews under the supervision (not accompanied by a coach in a launch but following a coach sanctioned training regimen and holding appropriate CRF safety qualification) of CSU rowing club coaches will have the second highest priority for use of FoVC-owned shells.
    3. Crews not under the immediate supervision or training regimen of CSU rowing club coaches will have access on a first-come first-serve basis.
    4. In the event that multiple crews, under supervision of multiple CSU rowing club coaches desire to use the same boat at the same time, priority will be given to a crew preparing for a race with the greatest likelihood of success at that race, as determined by the coaches.
  3. Regatta Travel
    1. Authorized users may request authorization from the FoVC Board to transport FoVC-owned shells to regattas outside of Cleveland. Such requests should included the following:
      1. Crew names
      2. Name and date of race
      3. Method of transport (e.g. John Carroll Trailer, WRRA Trailer, etc.)
    2. FoVC will not provide any funds for boat transport during the summer term
  4. Damage
    1. The repair of any damage to FoVC-owned equipment during the summer break will be the responsibility of the crew using the equipment, subject to the approval of the FoVC board. The type of repair (local vs. shipping to manufacturer, total loss vs. repair, etc.) will be determined at the sole discretion of FoVC board and the cost (less any applicable insurance proceeds) will be borne by the crew using the equipment when damaged.

Adopted May 2015

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