Thanks to everyone who’s ever supported the CSU Rowing team.  We’d like to point out those supporters:

  • Pat Poole – Through her generous donation the team purchased the Roxanne.  This boat has been used for many races and practices
  • Coaches – Every coach that has been on this team has volunteered countless hours to make our team continue to run and teach each season’s students how to row
  • Alumni – Thanks to all our alumni that have helped us through out the year.  Attending our events, providing a place to stay on spring break, and making donations, and in other numerous ways.
  • Parents – There have been many parents that have gotten deeply involved with our team and we truly appreciate it.  Be it coming to our fundraising events, cooking meals at regattas, or donating a Banner for us to showcase our CSU Pride.
  • Cleveland State University students – CSU Rowing is funded by the general fund money and this is a pool of money that every student pays into.  The funds have always been used to benefit  the current students on the team and the future students that join CSU Rowing.  Much thought and planning is put into using the funds wisely.
  • Current Rowers – It’s tough being on club team, but you spend the time to fund-raise, you work the weekends to make ends meet and pay the dues to be on the team.

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